New Gorbals Parish Church

Full construction and fit-out of new church.

The New Gorbals Church is a distinctive building with stacked terracotta facing block, large curved copper façade and timber cladding. The church maximises the full foot print of the plot of land on a busy Glasgow road junction giving very little room to carry out the works.

The building is formed on a redundant main road which meant numerous live services beneath the ground including the main power supply to Glasgow central station which could not be disturbed. The foundations were deep strip foundations formed around the live services with a concrete block and steel structure supporting the large span roof.

The project was completed 10 weeks ahead of programme allowing the building to open early. The spokesman for the Church of Scotland is delighted with the outcome and would recommend Thomas Johnstone for any further new developments the church makes.

Client: Church of Scotland
Architect: ADF Architecture   Design
Value: £1.2m