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Ryan, Our 4th Year Carpentry and Joinery Apprentice

Our first apprentice Ryan is completing the final year of his Carpentry and Joinery Apprenticeship in our Small Works Division and has thoroughly enjoyed the last four years of learning and development. Ryan is a passionate individual who has built up a wealth of knowledge during his time at TJL, which confirms that he made the right decision when choosing the path of an apprenticeship. 

"I knew about the successes of TJL and the brilliant work they do so when the apprenticeship opportunity came up I felt it was something I really wanted to go for and the experience has not disappointed." 


With all of our apprentices benefitting from mentoring and support, comprehensive training and practical work experience, they are able to adapt their skills to suit the requirements of any project once qualified and Ryan is set to be a prime example of this. 

"I love the variation in the work that we do and I believe this has really widened my skillset."

This specific apprenticeship was the right fit for Ryan as he always wanted to work in a hands-on environment where he was able to produce tangible end products using a variety of materials. 

"I like to follow something through from beginning to end and be able to see and touch the finished product," he said.

As Ryan reaches the end of his apprenticeship, his last four years have seen him make a great impression on the business and his direct team. He has brought fresh ideas and an enthusiastic approach to everything he has been tasked with. 

Ryan reflected: "There is not one specific event or experience which betters the next because the entire journey has been excellent."


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