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''We know our worth and we know that we can provide a service and product like no other''

As we conclude our focus on our manufacturing division’s restructuring, we look to the future and our diverse team of employees who will continue to drive our success. Billy Hynes, our much loved Manufacturing Director who retired last month, helped to build the strong foundations of our successful manufacturing division and now the reins have been handed over to Michael Hillman, Manufacturing Manager, and Ross MacLeod, Workshop Manager. Both young managers have already had significant input into driving the division forward, but now they have a chance to work together to bring their vision to life with a brilliant team backing them:

‘’There is more drive than there has ever been.  We are all one team - from the guy sweeping the floor all the way up to Michael - we are all working towards the same goal.’’

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"I think TJL’s manufacturing is the best kept secret in the industry and I feel this is something we should uncover"

Continuing with our focus on the current restructuring of our Manufacturing division, we discuss the role of Linda Whittington, the Manufacturing Quantity Surveyor who has joined Thomas Johnstone Ltd during this period of adjustment and development.

Linda joined the company in November 2017 and has been building her portfolio of skills and abilities around the Thomas Johnstone ways ever since. Previous to TJL, Linda has had a wonderful career full of excellent achievements and brilliant working opportunities. Graduating from University as a trained Quantity Surveyor, Linda started her career with a contractor firm where she spent time building her knowledge base and gaining hands on experience. After exploring the domain of private practices, Linda missed the ‘’buzz’’ of working for a contractor and the ‘’pressure of deadlines’’ as this type of working environment is something she feels she thrives off of. From here Linda began working as a commercial manager with a reputable company for around six years. When Linda came into this business it was struggling and underperforming and with her input they restructured and streamlined the business to ensure it was operating successfully and efficiently. This situation shows Linda’s well equipped skill set and ability to work extremely professionally in a team and so when an appropriate position became available last year, Linda was the perfect fit for TJL and TJL fulfilled exactly what Linda was looking for.

‘’I had always heard brilliant things about Thomas Johnstone Ltd when I had come into contact with their employees on other job sites previously.’’

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"I want us to have the best of everything but we need to have the best of people as well, which I truly believe we have here"

The restructuring of TJL’s manufacturing division is opening doors for the next generation – and Ross MacLeod, former Assistant Manufacturing Manager, is taking the biggest leap and becoming Workshop Manager.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind as to who would step in to the newly created role of Workshop Manager when our manufacturing division restructure was being planned.  Hardworking, talented and passionate, Ross is perfectly placed to support Michael Hillman, Manufacturing Manager, in continuing to develop our successful manufacturing division.  He’s only 27 years old, but at TJL age is just a number and is certainly not a glass ceiling.

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''10 to 15 years ago I would never have imagined I would be sitting in this seat but I am delighted to find myself in this position"

As we bid a final farewell to Billy Hynes who retired as Manufacturing Director last Friday, we shift our focus to the future of TJL’s manufacturing division, Michael Hillman, as he takes pole position for his biggest career move to date. Whilst Michael’s title remains as Manufacturing Manager, his managerial status and responsibilities will increase greatly and this step up has been more than well received by Michael himself.

‘’I am very excited to take over and propel us forward, we already are in the 21st Century but I am ready to push those boundaries further and try different avenues which we maybe haven’t tried in the past’’


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