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Peter Weir #NoWrongPath

Peter Weir, a TJL Contracts Manager who has been a member of the team for over 18 years explains his journey from studies to success! 

#NoWrongPath aims to present young people with the variety of options available and the many paths to unlocking future success and Peter’s journey only confirms this #NoWrongPath #GreatCompanyToWorkFor

1.1 Peter W m

Michael Hillman #NoWrongPath

From Apprentice to Manufacturing Manager, our Michael Hillman is a prime example of an individual who has created their own opportunities and worked hard to achieve success. 

Michael’s journey reiterates that there is #NoWrongPath when it comes to discovering your career and what is right for you #NoWrongPath #GreatCompanyToWorkFor 

1.1 Michael

Piotr Kopacz #NoWrongPath

Meet Piotr, a TJL Estimator who explored multiple options before discovering the right career for him! As someone who “failed” in his initial attempts, Piotr’s patience ensured that while he did not follow an obvious or traditional path he continued to try until he achieved success #NoWrongPath #GreatCompanyToWorkFor

1.1 Piotr ss

Zoe Plenderleith #NoWrongPath

As our #NoWrongPath Campaign continues Zoe, the Marketing Manager here at Thomas Johnstone Ltd gives a timeline of events which have led her to where she is “now”. 

It is examples like this which aim to provide inspiration and reassurance to young people who have recently received their exam results #NoWrongPath #GreatCompanyToWorkFor

1.1 Zoe m

Angela Ronald #NoWrongPath

TJL’s take on this year’s #NoWrongPath Campaign introduces Angela, our Main Receptionist who has been part of the team since 2001! 

Angela’s hard work and commitment has seen her develop and gain confidence to further her studies during her working life - proving that you can always continue to better yourself #NoWrongPath #GreatCompanyToWorkFor 

1.1 Angela m

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