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Dylan, Our 1st Year Wood Machinist Apprentice

As our apprenticeship profiling comes to an end we finish with Dylan, our first year Wood Machinist whose progression within TJL is already admirable. Dylan first began working with TJL as a labourer which involved him doing a variety of tasks to help ensure the smooth running of the factory.

“I started doing lots of different tasks whether it be helping to build units, bubble wrapping goods, sweeping up the floor, sanding things down, anything really!”


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Paul, Our 2nd Year Electrical Apprentice

Meet Paul, our second year electrical apprentice who is part of the M&E division here at TJL. Paul joined the team in 2017 after previously working offshore where he recognised he was more interested in learning a trade and nurturing that skillset. With this in mind, an apprenticeship at TJL presented itself as a brilliant opportunity for Paul, who has become accustomed to working life but was keen to increase his knowledge in this area. 

“I’d heard great things about the apprenticeship scheme at TJ’s and jumped at the opportunity to apply,” he said. 

From day one Paul has been guided through his training by Stevie Campbell, our M&E Services Supervisor, and the rest of the team who are supporting Paul’s learning experience and this is a key aspect of the apprenticeship which Paul values greatly. 

“The element of my apprenticeship which I enjoy the most is learning from the highly skilled members of my team and being able to follow in their footsteps.”

Here at TJL we invest in the next generation of quality tradespeople by offering apprenticeships to enthusiastic people like Paul and it is excellent to see him gaining hands-on experience testing live circuits in the video below. In this learning exercise Paul is being mentored by Alan as he shows him how to test a live circuit safely whilst following clear instructions and direction.

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Kieran, Our 2nd Year Joinery Apprentice

This is Kieran, our 2nd year joinery apprentice who is currently based on site at Point A Hotel Edinburgh with our Senior Site Manager Neil Shanks mentoring and guiding him. Kieran’s progression into his apprenticeship was slightly different to the conventional route as he left school at 16; attending college for two years before determining he wanted to find a full time job. He posted on social media in search of any vacancies and was contacted by a TJL manager who organised a labourer job for him. After working hard from the outset, Kieran’s capabilities were recognised and he was offered a joinery apprenticeship here at TJL.

“When I was asked what area I was interested in, I knew I would apply myself to any trade but I was particularly interested in joinery and it just went from there!”


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Ruairidh, Our 4th Year Joinery Apprentice

Ruairidh’s apprenticeship journey here at TJL has been full of exciting opportunities which have seen him having various levels of responsibility in different job roles during his near four years with us. When Ruairidh completes his joinery apprenticeship this August, he will actually qualify with a broadened skillset beyond joinery thanks to his experience and the slightly unexpected route it has taken him.

“I started my Joinery Apprenticeship in 2015 and was working and training on the bench on the factory floor learning from my other TJ team members and soaking up as much knowledge as I could.”

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Finlay, Our 3rd Year Painting and Decorating Apprentice

Meet Finlay, our 3rd year Painting and Decorating apprentice who has been invested in TJL and our teams’ vision from the outset. As a proactive individual, Finlay has always adopted a forward thinking approach in his apprenticeship and is consistently looking to better himself through opportunities such as the advanced craft painting and decorating course, where he is also now in its third year.

“I want to be involved in as much as possible and have the best options available.”

Finlay 2

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