The National Wallace Monument

This project involved bespoke manufacturing works and fitout.

The varied manufacturing works at the Wallace Monument included many new features from the Reception Desk to a Battle Table, the Peppers Ghost Interactive and Wallace’s Sword Display Unit.

All furniture in the Wallace Monument was made from a mix of Birch Plywood and Red Pine. The components were given a bespoke bronze / green stain, to give them an aged and weathered look.

The reception desk, was a key feature to the job and one of the first bits of furniture you see on arrival to the Monument. The bespoke Reception Desk was made from MDF   Birch Plywood, though the front face is clad in Red Back Painted Glass, with the Wallace Monument Signage.

It’s well worth a visit and when there, look for the trap door in the middle of each floor through which we had to raise all the components as the spiral stair was too tight! The 2.5 x 1.1.metre heavy panes of glass were dictated in design by and pulled straight up 35metres through the sequence of rather tight hatches.

Client: National Wallace Monument
Architect: Campbell & Co
Value: £101k