Apprenticeships Work: Dario’s Story

Dario started his apprenticeship in joinery with TJL last year. He told us that he chose an apprenticeship because he wanted to get into a trade and enjoyed woodwork when he was in school. He was also advised by family and teachers that joinery was a good trade to get into.

As he is still in his first year of his apprenticeship, Dario spends a lot of time observing the work carried out by our time-served Small Works joiners and helping where he can. So far on site, Dario has helped our Small Works team on site at STV Studios in Glasgow where they have updated a staff kitchen, fitting new units and appliances such as fridges and microwaves. Thinking back on his time so far, Dario told us, “I’ve enjoyed having a bit more responsibility than you get in school. I enjoy being on site and all the guys have been great, they’ve taught me a lot already but we have a laugh as well.”

When asked why he thinks his apprenticeship works for him, Dario said “I wanted to get into a trade when I left school and this [my apprenticeship] will hopefully lead to a job when I’m qualified.”

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