Apprenticeships Work: Jake’s Story

Currently in the second year of his apprenticeship, Jake chose an apprenticeship after starting a College course in a related subject: “I decided to go for an apprenticeship because I while I was at College doing an engineering course I realised I didn’t enjoy the way the teaching was structured. I prefer more practical learning: being able to watch the more experienced joiners on site do something and then getting to try it for myself.”

After speaking to friends and family about how he felt, he decided to listen to advice that he could look for an apprenticeship.  As well as learning practical joinery skills, Jake has found that his apprenticeship has also come with some more unexpected learning opportunities: “I’ve learnt a lot about joinery and the different aspects of the job but it’s also been great to be on site with people who have more experience of life than I have, I learn a lot from my team including how to communicate better and interact with different people.”

“I’d recommend getting an apprenticeship to anyone thinking of it, it works for me because I like to have more hands on learning as well as doing a bit of theory in College.  I’ve been on a couple of different sites since starting which I’ve enjoyed: the change of scenery and experience on different types of site has been great!”

We wish Jake all the best with the rest of his Apprenticeship!

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