Apprenticeships Work: Nathan’s Story

Carrying on from yesterday’s insight into how our factory apprentices are finding their apprenticeship, we spoke to Nathan who works in our Decorating Division to ask him about his apprenticeship. Nathan is in the final year of his apprenticeship with TJL and is waiting to do his trades test to become a fully qualified Painter and Decorator. He told us why the apprenticeship scheme has worked for him: “I wanted to be able to start making money straight out of school so being able to do that while still learning and going to College with the apprenticeship scheme was important to me.”

Learning relevant skills around the core subject of his apprenticeship was an unexpected success of the scheme for Nathan: “I’ve been able to really improve my social skills during my apprenticeship by interacting with the other decorators and tradesmen on the job and I feel more confident on site.”

We wish Nathan the best of luck with his upcoming trades test and in his future as a Painter and Decorator!

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