Apprenticeship’s Work: Nick & Ryan’s Stories

We wanted to get perspectives from both current and past apprentices at TJL to find out more about why Apprenticeships Work. Both Nick & Ryan completed their apprenticeships with us and they both currently work in our Small Works Division.

Nick did an adult apprenticeship with TJL and has now been working as a qualified joiner for two years. He told us that the apprenticeship scheme worked for him as it got him back into work after being made redundant from his previous job: “I used to work offshore, but after the company was dissolved I struggled to get another job so I decided to go for an adult apprenticeship. Coming to the apprenticeship as an adult helped me know better what I wanted out of the scheme and I was more focused on doing well than I might have been if I did it straight out of school.”

We also asked Ryan how the apprenticeship scheme worked for him: “The apprenticeship was structured very well which made it easy to understand. I got the benefit of going to College for practical training and getting out to different sites with the company as well.”

He also found the hands on experience of his apprenticeship beneficial: “When I was an apprentice, I would split my time between College and being on site: the other joiners were always really supportive.” Nick has continued working with our Small Works team since qualifying and enjoys the type of work he does: “We tend to move about more than the core teams, which I enjoy as it keeps things interesting. I have also been able to travel a bit to different jobs in the Highlands and a couple of projects in England as well.”

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