Manufacturing Monday: Apprenticeships Work

7-11 March marks this year’s Scottish Apprenticeship Week. The theme for this year is ‘Apprenticeships Work’ so we have spoken to our current apprentices throughout the business to find out why they think the apprenticeship scheme works for them.

We caught up with the boys in the factory last week to ask them a bit about their apprenticeship experiences so far:

Why did you want to become an apprenticeship?

Ewan (4th year Paintshop Apprentice): “I thought it would be better in the long run [than getting a different type of job], to have a trade for life where you’re always improving on your skills & getting better at.”

Jamie (3rd Year Joinery Apprentice): “I wasn’t doing anything when I first left school so I decided to do a 6 week course with Tigers which lead me to get a trial with TJL and then I was offered the apprenticeship just before my trial ended.”

Jack S (1st Year Joinery Apprentice): “I liked doing woodworking in school and I wanted to have a job where I would like enjoy what I was doing rather than have one where you just go because you’re being paid.”

Jack G (4th Year Joinery Apprentice):I didn’t want to get a desk job so I was glad to get the opportunity to become an apprentice and learn a trade”

What do you enjoy most about being an Apprentice at TJL?

Kyriacos (1st Year Wood Machinist Apprentice): “I’ve enjoyed getting to grips with the machines and becoming more confident in what I’m capable of.”

Jack S: “I love learning the little tricks from the more experienced joiners. Everyone wants you to do well and be successful so they show you how they would do something; it’s a really friendly atmosphere in the workshop.”

Jack G: “I like getting out of the factory and seeing the things we’ve made being installed on site, it’s good to see the bigger picture.”

Ewan: “I do different things between College and working in the factory. In College, I am learning painting and decorating but I do French Polishing in the factory so every day is different.”

Jamie: “I’ve really enjoyed learning how to do the job and improving my skills like spraying, painting and sanding from Paul and Brian [our French Polishers] and the workshop has a great atmosphere to work in as well.”

What has been the proudest moment of your apprenticeship so far?

Jack G:I’m most proud of having made the door to the factory office in my first year, I did it by myself and it’s a nice reminder of what I can do – seeing it hanging there and knowing I made it.

Jamie: “I was proud of myself for being offered the apprenticeship in the first place after my week’s trial run.”

Why does the Apprenticeship Scheme work for you?

Kyriacos: “I worked in sales before and at a county club, but I didn’t enjoy it. I much prefer working with my hands and being able to learn new things every day.”

Jack S: “It’s training me for the job I want to do: when you’ve got a trade, you have transferable skills so you can do the job anywhere in the world.”

Ewan: “It’s good in the long run to have a trade where you’re always improving on your skills & getting better over time.”

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