Manufacturing Monday: Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2023

Thomas Johnstone have long been supporters of Scottish Apprenticeship Week. We believe that apprentices are key to the success of our industry and welcome the opportunity to showcase some of our wonderful apprentices each year.

We currently have 14 apprentices in our manufacturing facility and we spoke to Jamie and Kyle about their apprenticeship experience who are both in their 4th year. Read what they had to say below:

How did you get into the Apprenticeship Programme at TJL?

Jamie: I went to Skills Development Scotland who got me into a course with Tigers, and that lead me into a trial with Thomas Johnstone. After 8 weeks, I was offered an apprenticeship with Thomas Johnstone in their Manufacturing facility.

What made you decide to get into an apprenticeship?

Kyle: It seemed really interesting & [joinery] is a good job to have once you’ve qualified.

What do you like best about your apprenticeship?

Jamie: I like learning new skills, things that I never thought I would learn in my life. I’ve learned how to spray, sand and fill the pieces that come through the factory and how to match colours to give everything a uniform finish.

Kyle: There’s different things to do every day and I learn lots of different types of joinery skills which will help me when I’ve qualified.

What kind of things do you do day to day?

Kyle: It’s a wide range of jobs I’m doing: recently I’ve been fitting drawers, hanging doors for wardrobes, and fitting mirrors into frames for a hotel refurbishment we’re doing.

Jamie: It can range from prepping (sanding & Filling) to making up colours from samples and spraying the finish onto units and pieces of furniture.

This year’s theme is unlocking potential. Where do you see yourself in the future, after you finish your apprenticeship?

Jamie: I’m hoping to stay at Thomas Johnstone & in the years to come, I hope to become a supervisor.

Kyle: I’d like to stay at the company as I like it how it’s going just now. I could see myself staying here after my trades test.

Do you have any advice for people looking to get an apprenticeship?

Kyle: Just get into it as soon as possible and start learning from an early age and getting a bit of money as well!

Jamie: My advice is: just get into it, it could be the best thing you ever do. I never thought about getting an apprenticeship & now I’ve almost finished, it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

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