Home Sweet Home at Love Loan

Developed as part of Glasgow’s newest neighbourhood, Love Loan, TJL have recently created 12 new luxury apartments at the corner of George Square.

After being vacant for a number of years, the B-Listed building required extensive refurbishment, including structural alterations, roof repairs and external envelope works.

TJL’s approach to the project focused on preserving the building’s historical charm and character, and their restoration team worked diligently to safeguard the building’s original and captivating architectural details. TJL also carried out expansive acoustic works within the former HM Revenue & Customs tax office, including the installation of acoustic flooring, to ensure minimum noise disruption to the apartments from the new Flight Club venue below.

During renovation, the project garnered the attention of Historic Scotland, who visited the site numerous times, captivated by the discoveries made by TJL’s dedicated site team.  During restoration, a full-height dumbwaiter and a hydraulic-powered ‘rack slide valve’ were uncovered in the building’s basement.  The valve, a relic of Glasgow’s industrial past, was one of the last remaining examples of its kind in Scotland and served as a fascinating glimpse into the city’s history.

TJL Regional Construction Director, Campbell Ross expressed his pride in the project, stating, “This remarkable restoration project not only breathes new life into a historic gem but also celebrates Glasgow’s rich architectural heritage.  TJL is proud to have been entrusted with the task of preserving this iconic building, ensuring its continued significance within the city as part of the new Love Loan neighbourhood.”

We are delighted to have brought new life and purpose to another historic building in Glasgow as part of this exciting development from Chris Stewart Group.

These beautiful internal images were taken by Ali Watt, Photographer, courtesy of Mac Mic Group.

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